Rassiff Amazing WoodWork Blaster

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Rassiff Amazing WoodWork Blaster

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A generation or two ago woodworking was not so much of a hobby a necessity – I remember my father, now in his 80s making furniture for our home and his business. Nowadays most of us just wouldn’t give such an idea a second thought, we’d be off to buy something ready to go.

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The things that my dad made lasted for decades and there’s still a few things that he made in his home; the business was sold long ago. As we all became busier it simply became easier to go buy whatever was needed – my father among them.

I think that’s a little sad because those mass-produced things are just not so well made or as solid; maybe worst of all they have no connection down the generations. Woodworking used to be, and for some people, still is, more than a hobby, woodworking is a lifestyle.

What Is Woodworking?

Woodworking seemed to be turning into a lost art but it is now coming back into style as people come to understand, once more, the pleasure of making and using furniture and other wooden items for themselves.

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If you have the right instructions, guidance and plans then you too can become part of that movement. But, how to learn the skills, the traps and pitfalls of working with wood and how to find all this in one place so that everything you learn is consistent?

Do you have the time to spend weekend after busy weekend with woodworking classes at your local college and only then going home and putting into practice that which you were just shown? I know that I don’t! Of course, with such a course there’s no choice in what you learn or in what order you are taught it. There must be a better way, wouldn’t you agree?

Woodworking Tools

Whether you are an expert or a beginner worker in wood you are going to need a range of tools to carry out your projects. Obviously, a simpler project requires fewer tools than something more complex. Buying your whole tools in one go is probably out of the budget of most people, me among them, and probably you, yes?

Ideally you’d buy the tools that you need for each project and add to your tool kit over time. A good project plan will give a list of the needed tools so you can choose a plan per your tools, or only buy the tools you absolutely need. Either is better than having unneeded tools hanging around on your credit card bill!

Where to Find Rassiff Amazing WoodWork Blaster

Whether you are a beginner or expert you can enjoy woodworking but whatever your level you are going to need plans to work from. There’s some woodworking magazines that carry a limited range of projects, a good start, but probably not what you need.

Some people swear by what they find on video sites but too often these videos miss an important step because they make assumptions about the skills and abilities of the viewers, or simply the presenter is not very good.

Many people swear by Rassiff Amazing WoodWork Blaster; think of it like a one stop shop for everything you need apart from tools and materials. You get a huge number of project plans, a woodworking guide and even a CAD viewer all to download as you need them. It’s a great resource.

When you a look at the site you will see loads of projects that you can download and use, there’s over 16,000 projects so there’s no worry about running out of ideas.

With Ted’s inspiration and guidance, it might be that your grandchildren, decades from now, are looking at and cherishing the wooden items that you can start making now.